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Stitch - Art for the Earth


Nature and the world we live is a recurring theme in art. Our world was depicted at first through rudimentary drawings and later the land became a mystical backdrop to both religious and classical scenes, before becoming the principle subject in itself. Landscape painting is an entire genre, evoking sometimes a romantic and meditative experience of nature.


From the beginning of the industrial revolution to today’s post-hiroshima world, the destruction of our habitat has increasingly preoccupied artists and this event demonstrates how central the theme is today.


Many artists have responded either with specially created works addressing environmental issues or by allowing the subject to find a resonance within their practice. We have selected artists who work with a wide range of materials and modes of expression from Amy Gadney’s recycled haulage lorry to the delicate ink drawing of Lucy Morley.


The themes addressed are equally diverse from the genetically engineered chick in Alana Lake’s fantasy to Freya Morgan’s evocatively titled Fairy Tales for a Mended Earth focusing on the loss of biodiversity in the plant world. Artists have frequently engaged or been inspired by significant historical events. Here they can be seen responding to the most pressing concern of our and future generations and the very basis of our survival.














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