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Judy's Commission.jpg

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PhotoMail Image 84-766-1.jpg

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chandelier detail 2 web.jpg



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In the Eyes of Others 8.jpg

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In the Eyes of Others 5.jpg

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Bone pattern 1 web.jpg


Jodie Carey



Tim Ellis’s unique approach to art-making crafts a ubiquitous logic from the haphazard and coincidental. By drawing mental and tactile relations between materials and subtly altering their forms, Ellis highlights a sensitive interlacing between artifice and natural order. In Ellis’s work found objects such as plates, vases, and Christmas tree ornaments are reconfigured to become assemblages of totemic significance. His practice revolves around his idea that “a being has a primeval desire to want to belong to something greater than oneself. This ‘wanting to belong’ manifests itself in both the production and consumption of cultural artefacts. Whether in isolation or as a collection, artefacts are dependent on a creator, mediator and audience. His work juxtaposes a culturally diverse collection of objects questioning their value and original purpose. The viewer is forced to engage in the notions of value, authorship and display.





Born Chester 1981

Lives and works London



2006-09      Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art,  The Royal Academy Schools, London.

2000-03      BA (Hons) Fine Art,  John Moores, Liverpool.


Solo Exhibitions/Two Person Exhibitions 

2014           'Finding Comfort in an Unknown Future', Fold Gallery, London.

2013:          'Where We End and You Begin', Horatio Jr, London. Caramel Blush', Tim Ellis & Jack Newling, Corfu, London. We Belong Together', IAG, Hong Kong. *

2012:           'In The Company We Trust', Horatio Jr, London.

2011:            'Sons of Pioneers', Furini Contemporary, Rome, Italy.

                    ' The Tourist', SpaceX, Exeter, England.

2010:                    'A Foundation For Exchange', Primopiano, Lugano, Switzerland.


Selected Group Exhibitions


2014-15:      'The MAC International', The Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

                             ‘The Opinion Makers II’, Londonewcastle Project Space, London.

                             ‘A Union of Voices’, Horatio Jr, London.

2014:                    ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow', Thames & Hudson, One Art Space, Tribeca, New York. *

'Open 17', International exhibition of sculptures and installations, Venice Lido & San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy.*

'Flatpacked/Wrapped/Stacked', Punk&Sheep, Canary Wharf, London.

'Icastica', Fraternita Laici, Museo di Ivan Bruschi & Galleria Comunale D'Arte Contemporanea, Municipality of Arezzo, Italy. *

'Ten', Independents Biennial, Liverpool Hope University Gallery, Liverpool.

'Symbolic Logic', IAG, Hong Kong.*

'Welcome to Corfu', The Depot & 48 Hours, London.

2013:                    'Image/Object', Furini Contemporary, Rome, Italy.

'Magic 8 Ball', Fold Gallery, London.

'The Future Can Wait', Victoria House, London.*

'Misinformation Centre', Hack The Barbican, The Barbican, London.

'Re-View', IAG, Hong Kong.

'Beautiful~Things', The Next Door Projects, Liverpool.

'NSP', Broomhill Sculpture Park, Devon.*

'Best Haircuts in History', curated by Cedar Lewisohn, Soho, London.

'Forward Thinking', Horatio Jr, London.

'Hold The Fort', Fort, London.

2012:                    'Seduction', Simon Oldfield at 6 Carlos Way, London.

'Forward Thinking', - Touring Exhibition - The Island Queen London, The Glenfiddich Distillery Scotland, Gairloch & Loch Ewe Action forum Scotland.

'Courtship of the Peoples', Simon Oldfield Gallery, London.

'Needle in a Cloud', Fold Gallery London.

'Pop Molecule', Aubin Gallery, London.

2011-12:               'Secret Societies', To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence,  CAPC Musee d'Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France. *

2011:                    'The Thing is the Thing', ASC Gallery, London.

'The Anti-Library', Space, London.

'The Others', Turin, Italy.

'Progress, Progress, Progress / The Happy Valley', Glenfiddich, Scotland. 

'Secret Societies', To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence,  The Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany. *

'Summer Exhibition', The Royal Academy of Art, London.                   

'Friendship of the Peoples', Simon Oldfiled Gallery, London. *                  

2010:                    'John Moores Painting Prize 26', The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.  *              

'Newspeak: British Art Now, Part 1', The Saatchi Gallery, London. *

'New Symphony', Simon Oldfield Gallery, London.

'Tag From 3 to 36: New London Painting', Brown Gallery, London. 

2009:                    'The Royal Academy Schools Show', The Royal Academy of Art, London. *

'New Sensations', The A Foundation, London.                

'New London School', Galerie Schuster, Berlin, Germany.

2008:                    'Alexandre Pollazzon Presents', Nick Goss, Tim Ellis, Robert Dowling Jia Jia Wang, Alexandre Pollazzon  London.

'Falling from an Apple Tree', The Wilde Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

'Premiums', The Royal Academy of Art, London.

'A Painter's Glance', Rhenania Kunst Haus, Cologne, Germany.

'The Future Can Wait', Charlie Smith, London. *

2007:                    'Interceptor', The Peles Empire, London.

'Summer Exhibition', The Royal Academy of Art, London. *

'Ritual Abuse', The Boys Hall Dalston, London.

2006:                    'Half Cut For Confidence', The Independents, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool.

'Going Native', Arena Gallery, Liverpool. *

2005:                    'The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2005', The Jerwood Space, London and Tour* - Jerwood Space London, Pitville Gallery Cheltenham, Rennie Mackintosh Gallery Glasgow, Bayart Cardif, The Gallery Dorset.



Awards & Residencies

2013:                    Finalist NSP Sculpture Prize, Broomhill, Devon, England. *

2011:                    Glenfiddich Residency, Dufftown, Scotland. *

2009:                    The Gordon Luton Award & Patricia Turner Award for Sculpture.

2008:                    Peter Rippon Travel Award.


(* Exhibition Publication)



The Saatchi Collection, The Glenfiddich Collection, Swiss Life and various public and private collections in Europe, Asia and USA . 




100 Painters of Tomorrow, Thames & Hudson 2014 - International Survey of Contemporary Painting - ISBN 978-0-500239-23-0

100 London Artists Vol 2 50 - ibook 2014 - Survey of London Contemporary Art by Edward Lucie Smith

Open 17, Venice, Italy 2014 - Exhibition catalogue

Icastica, Arezzo, Italy 2014 - Exhibition catalogue

Symbolic Logic, Hong Kong 2014 - Exhibition catalogue

The Future Can Wait 2013, London - Exhibition catalogue

We Belong Together, Hong Kong 2013 - Exhibition catalogue

Third Art & Sculpture Foundation National Sculpture Prize 2013 - Broomhill Sculpture catalogue featuring 10 finalists

Lindt 101 Egg Exhibition 2013, London - Edition of 1000 featuring 101 artists works

 11th Artist in Residence 2011 Publication, Scotland - Artist in Residence Publication featuring work produced in 2011

Frieze Issue 145 March 2012 - Secret Societies CAPC Review Sam Thorne

Secret Societies To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence - Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt Germany 2011 - CAPC Bordeaux 2012 - ISBN 978-3-940953-82-7

The Thing is the Thing – ASC Gallery, London 2011 - ISBN 978-0-9565608-3-4

Friendship of the Peoples – Simon Oldfield Gallery, London 2011 - ISBN 978-0-9568329-2-4

John Moores Painting Prize 26 – The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 2010 - ISBN 978-1-902700-43-4

Newspeak: British Art Now  - The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK 2010 - ISBN 978-1-86154-314-1

Invited Artist – Royal Academy Summer Show – The Royal Academy of Art, London, UK 2011 - ISBN 978-1-907533-22-8

Catlin Art Guide: New Artists in the UK 2010 - IBSN 978-0-9564570-0-4

A Bulletin Issue Four A Foundation Autumn 2009

 Vogue Hommes International 10 Fall Winter 2009 -2010

The Future Can Wait – New London School

Invited Artist - Royal Academy Summer Show - ISBN 13:9781905711192

Ritual Abuse – Exhibition Catalogue, London 2007

Going Native – Exhibition Catalogue, Liverpool 2006

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2005 – Exhibition Catalogue, London 2005 - IBSN 978-09483272-0-9






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