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Inez de Coo

Cue for a Changeover


The Arch Gallery is delighted to present a newly commissioned video installation by Inez de Coo, Cue for a Changeover. 


The work comprises found footage from the dream sequence from Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958), together with the educational film How Motion Pictures Move and Talk (1940). Also featured is a new video Poor Alfredo’s Eulogy (2012), an extremely slowed down scene from Cinema Paradiso (1988) combined with short fragments of 'leader' (a length of film attached to the head or tail of a film to assist in threading a projector) from the 1960s. The leader is like a mark of and for the projectionist, a secret message that we as viewers are not supposed to understand, a technique that is slowly disappearing along with the projectionist himself. 





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