We specialize in building art collections and are uniquely positioned to access a wide spectrum of contemporary art from emerging artists to established masters from both the primary and secondary market.


Our practice ranges from commissioning a site-specific piece to curating entire collections. We work in close collaboration with both experienced and new collectors overseeing the process of selecting and acquiring works from studio visits to buying at auction.


We offer our clients advice on a variety of aspects of collection management from insurance to installation, restoration to tax planning.




An art collection represents the company ethos engaging employees, clients and a wider public. Corporate patronage increasingly acts in an important supportive role in the careers of contemporary artists.  


A collection can become a powerful PR and marketing tool and one of the most valuable assets a company has both tangibly and in building brand reputation.  We can assist in many areas which extend beyond the creation of a collection:


- Special artist commissions

- Initiating Art Prizes

- Curating and cataloguing the collection

- Collection managment 

- Events, exhibitions and education progammes

- Developing art sponsorship strategies

- PR, Marketing, social media and website